“It is with great pleasure that I endorse and highly recommend Dr. Frank Belas. I have worked closely with Frank for over 20 years during my role as both the President of Advion BioServices and more recently as a Vice President within Quintiles/IQVIA/Q2 Solutions. Frank is an experienced results-oriented senior manager who has an exceptional track record of getting things done and executing change management. I consider Frank to be one of the best results-oriented managers I have worked with in my career spanning over 30 years.

Frank has an incredible ability to align people and resources to accomplish company goals. I worked with Frank as he was given the difficult task of transforming the bioanalytical and ADME laboratories of a major pharmaceutical company from a fully integrated pharmaceutical company to an integrated partnership network, resulting in the move of much work from internal resources to outsourcing. Frank led this effort brilliantly resulting in a transformed organization that efficiently used partners to provide high-quality bioanalytical and ADME laboratory services affordably and with an outstanding record of on-time delivery.

Frank has also demonstrated excellent skill in building an organization with the right people, the right attitudes and capabilities to move an organization forward. I have always been impressed with the high-quality people that he recruited for his organization. He has a keen eye for talent and putting the right people in the right positions to meet company goals. I witnessed his move to a new department where he changed the attitudes of his new team and transformed this group into a results-oriented organization. I have also been impressed with the loyalty that he inspires in his people. As he moved to this new department, many of the high-performers from his former group, made the personal commitment to move with him. That speaks volumes.

In my many years in working with Frank, I have always found him to be demanding, but fair. Frank always has very high standards for scientific excellence, quality results, and on-time delivery, and he expects nothing less from those that he works with. Frank pushes to achieve optimal results and can be hard on those who do not achieve, but he is always fair, his expectations are always realistic, and he rewards outstanding achievement. Frank asked us to improve our productivity significantly within one of our departments, and at first it appeared unachievable. Then Frank led a Six-Sigma effort that achieved these goals, dramatically improved our efficiency, and allowed our partnership to achieve key corporate objectives. I am very impressed with the outstanding results that Frank drove in our organization.

In summary, Frank is an extremely competent results-oriented senior manager. I am most impressed with his ability to drive optimal results from his employees and partners. Because he is demanding and does not settle, he is able to achieve exceptional results. Based upon my personal experience with Frank, I give my unequivocal endorsement and am delighted to call him a colleague and long-term business partner in bioanalytical and ADME outsourcing. I highly recommend Frank and am confident that he can be a very positive force for change and improvement in any organization.”

Thomas Kurz

Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships Q2 Solutions BioSciences LLC, Co-Founder of Advion BioSciences, Inc.

“Dr. Frank Belas’ ability to quickly define and communicate project scope, anticipate challenges, set clear expectations and secure buy-in from all parties has been a trademark of his work that I have appreciated time and time again. Dr. Belas is truly capable of de-risking a project through establishing clarity on all project aspects in a very professional manner.

Anyone in the drug development business whether an innovator or contract research organization knows this is the absolute difference between delivering the project as planned or settling for mediocrity.”

John Bucksath

CEO, KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services

“My relationship with Dr. Frank Belas (currently President of Belas Consulting, Inc.) spans over a decade, first as a provider to him when he was employed by “Big Pharma” and then as a client of his current company.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Frank years ago, when I was employed by a CRO provider to the pharmaceutical company where Frank was directing their Bioanalytical & ADME sourcing efforts. In brief, I experienced a successful, longstanding, and enjoyable business affiliation with him and his organization, filled with increasing levels of new sourcing business and multiple award recognition for excellence in Bioanalytical & ADME services. This success was due, in large part, to Frank’s innate ability to direct both the strategic and tactical aspects of this comprehensive business arrangement, which resulted in unprecedented growth in these areas.

More recently, I engaged Belas Consulting, Inc., to evaluate my Bioanalytical business offerings, identify strengths & weaknesses, and provide a gap analysis on next steps to enhance this service offering and drive incremental levels of new business. In summary, my experience was exceptional, as Frank delivered on all expectations in a professional, timely, and cost-effective manner. I attribute this outcome to Frank’s deep-seated bioanalytical expertise, sourcing & business know-how, and practical approaches to addressing problems within these areas. Frank’s proven ability to develop Bioanalytical organizations from a start-up mode and/or be a catalyst for disruptive change for pre-existing organizations with challenging issues, told me that Belas Consulting, Inc. was a great fit for me. I give him my unqualified recommendation as a bioanalytical and outsourcing consultant, as his services will be an asset to any organization that requires such expertise and desires a pragmatic, real-world approach toward achieving their goals.”


Vice-President, Drug Development, Not-For-Profit U.S.-based CRO

“I have worked with Dr. Frank Belas as a researcher and drug developer for nearly 25 years. Frank approaches his work with the highest integrity and commitment. He has a natural and proven gift to understand scientific and operational details which prove critical to the quality and success of a project. Frank is well recognized across the bioanalytical field as an expert in method development, validation and analyses in non-GLP and GLP environments.

His work over the past 20 years has been critical to the advancement of medicines, both small molecules and biologics, across the therapeutic areas of psychiatry, neurology, pain, immunology, diabetes, and oncology. As a bioanalytical leader at a Top 10 large pharmaceutical company, Frank has established a substantial network of bioanalytical professionals and leaders across contract research organizations that provide bioanalytical and sample management services. Dr. Belas’ deep understanding of bioanalytical sciences, extensive experience in method development, validation and analyses, and commitment to excellence positions him as an ideal resource for both small and large pharmaceutical companies as well as bioanalytical organizations to ensure fit for purpose bioanalytical capabilities that meet global regulatory requirements.”


Vice-President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“Dr. Belas is an expert in both GLP and non-GLP methodology. He has participated and led methods development in support of a wide variety of molecules and chemistries and knows how important validation is to drive proper data-driven conclusions. For nearly two decades I have experienced the outstanding product of his science and have never been disappointed in the timeliness or quality of the data. Frank had accountability for a wide range of analytes in a wide variety of analytical matrices and that experience was essential in validating numerous methods to support drug discovery and development.

Dr. Belas has a rich network of colleagues in pharmaceutical discovery and development that he can call on for support and advice. He also has an impressive list of mentees that have benefitted from his knowledge and experience and who have been enriched by the opportunity to work with him. Frank is in the top tier of experts that I have worked with in my nearly thirty years of pharmaceutical research.

I have known Dr. Belas to possess the highest levels of honor and integrity and I have seen this repeatedly expressed in both the work he produces and the way he produces the work. Frank has a proven track record of high quality and reliable delivery and I would recommend him without reservation to provide timely data and solutions in his area of scientific expertise.”

Andrew M. Dahlem, Ph.D.

Vice-President and COO (retired), Eli Lilly and Company