What makes Belas Consulting, Inc. an exemplary professional service provider?

Belas Consulting, Inc. is a highly-specialized, bioanalytical “consulting shop”, in which meticulous attention is provided to each client and individualized solutions are provided for their specific needs.  As such, a limited number of clients are contracted at any given time, typically 2-4 depending on the scope of the projects.  This approach allows for superior outcomes, near real-time response times, and facile client/consultant relationships that are mutually beneficial to sustainable, long-term business success.

This is a winning formula that Belas Consulting, Inc. ardently endorses.  The approach is in stark contrast to some other organizations that are over-extended and more concerned with amassing a large client base that they serve “good enough”.

List of Primary Services:

  • Provide strategic and tactical expertise to start-ups, virtual/small companies, CROs, and other applicable organizations regarding their bioanalytical needs, capabilities, and support strategies.
  • Identify, evaluate, and recommend appropriate high-quality, cost-effective, bioanalytical CRO partners for outsourcing efforts.
  • Manage and provide “end-to-end”, comprehensive bioanalytical oversight for client programs.
  • Evaluate/optimize ancillary bioanalytical support processes (e.g. operations, contracting, quality control review, report writing, etc.).
  • Provide expertise regarding bioanalytical staffing strategies, talent recruitment, personnel development, and retention.
  • Offer individualized coaching, at all levels, on leading successful, sustainable, bioanalytical businesses.
  • Additional services may also be available upon request. Contact Belas Consulting, Inc. for details.